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GT Sealtube
GT Sealtube
GT Sealtube

GT Sealtube

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The GT Sealtube is an inflatable tube that can be used with vans, motorhomes and caravans. It effectively protects against wind and dirt blowing from underneath your car into the annexe. It also prevents small pets from escaping and keeps out unwanted animals.


The Sealtube is placed under the vehicle and then inflated to mold to the underside. It works with cars that have an underbody of up to 42cm.

To seal the bottom of larger models that are higher, two tubes can be stacked; alternatively, three tubes can be arranged in a pyramid formation and fastened with a tension belt. This way, ride heights up to 80cm can be sealed.

The outer material of the GT Sealtube is made of robust Double Ripstop. The inner tube is made of elastic and UV-resistant TPU material. 

 Product Details


Light Cordura 


We offer our GentleTent wind protection in four different lengths; 235cm, 400cm, 500cm, 600cm.

 235cm 2kgs
400cm 4.1kgs
500cm 4.8kgs
600cm 6kgs
Pack Size
 235cm 60cm x 13cm 
400cm 67cm x 16cm 
500cm 67cm x 17cm 
600cm 67 x 19cm 

Delivery Contents
  • GT Sealtube of your choice
  • Air pump adaptor

User Information

  • Before placing the GT Sealtube under the vehicle, the exhaust system should have had time to cool down a little.