GT Mattress //

The lightweight, 2kg GT Mattress is a perfect add-on for your hard-grounded holidays. Whether you're camping, sleeping in the GT Roof or B-Turtle, the GT mattress provides comfortable sleeping comfort, and is equipped with a washable mesh cover.  

GT Sofa 1 //

Whether you’re relaxing by the open water, at the pool, at the camping site or in your own garden – with the inflatable GT Sofa 1 you’ll never have to leave comfort at home.

GT Sofa 2 //

With the inflatable 2-person sofa you’ll carry the comfort of your living room with you wherever you go – in your garden in spring, at sea in summer, in the mountains in fall or on your sun terrace in winter. Take a seat and enjoy.

GT Sofa 3 //

The GT Air Sofa 3 is a comfortable three-seater that can be set up in minutes. The couch offers enough room for three adults or two adults with kids. The robust sofa can be used in any season, in- & outdoors, and even in water!