How do GentleTent Australia products handle wind?

Our products are very capable to standing their ground during windy weather. In most conditions, your annexe or tent will be able to stand alone without extra support just by utilising your ground pegs. However, there are extra guy lines to tie down your product in extreme conditions. Watch our video here to see an example of how your product will stand against the wind.

Do they pop?

The material surrounding the tubes are extremely durable thanks to the double rip-stop material we use. The inner bladder that inflates is made from TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material that is designed to withstand pressure, and with the aid of an overpressure valve fitted on all products allows air to escape the tube if it has been inflated past the recommended PSI. However, under the unlikely possibility that the outside or inside tube pops or tears, we can provide patches or replace your inflation bladder.

Are they suitable for winter?

The material on all our products are winter resistant. However, it does not have specific insulation properties. If there is snow, it should be removed from the tent regularly.

Can they float?

The GT Roof, GT Sky Loft and the GT Sofas can float, however we do not recommend this for safety reasons.

Do the GentleTent products have any storage?

Only the B-Turtle trailer has dedicated storage. Our roof top range has storage pockets on each side. Our annexe range has tabs on the inside where it is possible to hang light items or lights.

Is there a payment plan option?

If you are looking to purchase a GT product and would like to pay off the product over time rather than in one sum, please contact our team. You will find our contact info here in our ‘Contact Us’ section. We are currently also in the process of setting up after pay and Zip Pay.

Are they weather proof?

Our annexe range are waterproof thanks to the TenCate material that we use. For our roof top range and tent range they are made from polycotton which is extremely water resistant. For prolonged bad weather we supply an additional waterproof cover to attach.

How do they inflate?

All our products are supplied with a large double action hand pump, our unique pump adaptor to suit your product, and pressure gauge. Our roof top range comes standard with a 12V pump. We also have available to purchase 12V pumps from our website. You can also use any standard 12V pump or 240V pump, although if you are using your own pump please keep in mind you will have to adapt our unique fitting to your pump. It is certainly not recommended to use a household/commercial air compressor to inflate any of our GT products as the high volume of air will damage the inner tube.

How do I deflate the GT products?

It is not recommended to use the deflate option on your pump to withdraw the air from your GT products as it could cause damage to the inner tube if too much air is withdrawn. Thanks to our unique valve in the tube, the air is released from your GT product at a rapid rate. This is achieved by pushing in and turning the valve towards ‘open’. It is suggested to allow air to release naturally at first and then push out the air as you are folding up your product towards the open valve. All products will come with instructions to better aid in the construction and packing of your products.

How compact are they when packed up?

GentleTent's aim is to have every product extremely light weight and compact to make your camping experience easier and carry less weight. Your will find all our dimensions and weights in the product description of the GT product you are interested in. If you require any further information, please contact us.

Can I customise my order or have special requests?

If you are interested in customising your order, please contact us with your request and information needed. We will do what we can to meet your needs!


For any other questions, please contact us through our email, phone number, or Facebook messenger. You can find all our contact information here.