B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles
B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles

B-Turtle // The Micro-Caravan for Bicycles

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The B-Turtle’s revolutionary design combines the living space of a caravan with the functionality of a trailer for easy touring and bicycle transportation. Weighing only 30 kg, it offers a comfortable sleeping space for two people — with the added benefit of a tray for belongings and an awning for outdoor relaxation.


The B-Turtle switches from driving to camping mode in just a few moments and provides plenty of space for 2 people to sleep and move comfortably. On top of the trailer sits the inflatable tent, while the underlying transport tray has a capacity of 100kg of storage space for all your belongings. When you’re not touring around, the tent is easily removed, and the trailer may be used for daily activities.

The B-Turtle has two main modes: Turtle Mode (when driving) and Camping Mode (when setup).

Turtle Mode //

The B-Turtle trailer has a dual-wheel, lightweight, aluminium frame and connects to the bike or e-bike via a Weber coupling. The B-Turtle rides with two 16-inch spoked wheels which feature a slight inclination for a smoother ride.

The tent sits on top of the bike trailer and is connected to the aluminium frame via velcro straps. The tent has a pack size of 105cm x 79cm, with a height ranging between 10cm and 15cm.

Camping Mode //

A stable deck platform manufactured from robust drop stitch material gives you a dry and comfortable space, while the generous entry way and living area provides a standing height of 2m x 1.4m and allows easy internal access to your storage tray. The interior of the sleeping quarters has a height of 130cm and a spacious sleeping area of 210cm x 130cm. The inflatable tent is made of a high quality, breathable, and UV resistant Polycotton fabric and there is a clear window at the rear and two mosquito net windows on either side. This ensures good ventilation and light. When the B-Turtle is setup as a micro-caravan, this allows your bicycle to be detached for daily activities.

B-Turtle Setup //
  • Disconnect the trailer from your bike and continue by extending the two front support legs
  • Remove the protective travel cover
  • Open all buckles and unfold the deck platform on both ends.
  • Transported in the package bag, the two support bars are attached to the lower side of the deck platform on either end via a Velcro strap and secured to the trailer.
  • Inflate the deck platform using a double-stroke hand or electric pump
  • Follow with the inflation of the air tent
  • Fix the trailer to the ground with tent pegs and fasten the tent with guy lines
  • DONE!

The dismantling of the B-Turtle runs in the reverse order. The setup of the B-Turtle takes between 10-15 minutes depending on whether you used a double-stroke hand or an electric pump for inflation. Dismantling is done within 10 minutes.

Important considerations for the B-Turtle
  • Be aware that the B-Turtle trailer is only suitable for transporting loads and only suitable for animals if using a proper basket. The trailer is not designed nor approved to transport children and/or people.
  • The use of the B-Turtle is only approved to not exceed 25km/h.
  • The B-Turtle is not suitable for riding rough or extreme mountain bike trails.

Product Details 

Click here for PDF for full B-Turtle Information


Tent walls – Polycotton | High breathability & UV resistance

Outer tube/pipe – Double Ripstop | very stable & abrasion resistant material

Inner tubes - UV resistant / durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Flooring – PU coated

Trailer – aluminium frame | lightweight construction 

Dimensions at a Glance

Bike trailer – Length: 110cm, Width: 79cm, height: 58cm

Bike trailer with tent – Length: 110cm, Width: 79cm, Height: 68-73cm

Bike trailer with drawbar – Length: 160cm, Width: 79cm, Height: 58cm (+ 10-15cm for packed tent)

Transport tray – Length: 104cm, Width: 45cm, Height: 26cm

Air Tent Dimensions

Pack size – Length: 105cm, Width: 79cm, Height: 10-15cm

Air tent camping mode – Length: 320cm, Width: 156cm, Height: 200cm

Deck platform – Length: 210cm, Width: 130cm, Height: 15cm

Distance from platform to the ground: 73cm

Living space – Length 110cm, Width: 140cm, Height: 200cm



 Delivery Contents
  • B-Turtle trailer
  • Transport tray
  • Inflatable tent
  • Storm Cover
  • Tent pegs and guy lines
  • Repair kit
  • GT double-stroke hand pump
  • 12V electrical pump
  • Air pump adapter with gauge